Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I spoke too soon...

Well, I wrote my last blog post bragging about my Odyseuss still being alive a day too early. Yesterday afternoon, Jeff and I saw that my precious little fish had died. I am kind of happy that he finally kicked the bucket since he hadn't eaten in 2 months!

This week is a busy... and "social" week for Jeff and me. Jeff has 3 interviews this week for internships. Monday night, Jeff and I attended a beautiful social for Grant Thornton at the Historic Provo City Library. It was beautiful and fun for Jeff to see some of his old friends from the Junior Core. Jeff loved talking to people about why they chose to go to Grant Thornton and was impressed by their focus on family life and work-life balance. He had his interview  with them yesterday and loved the experience of an official interview. He said that he thinks that things went well and he hopes the interviewer felt the same way.

Last night was my first (team 3rd) Drizzy football game of the season. We played hard. We lost. We have to practice at 8 AM on Saturday.... more to post when we actually win :)

Tonight, we have a social up at Thanksgiving Point with Ernst & Young. We are really excited for this opportunity not only because it is one of the "Big Four" but also because Jeff's cousin and his best friend both work there. It should be a fun night...especially since I can just talk to Ciara (Austin's Wife and my best friend) instead of having to mingle. Jeff will have his interview tomorrow, so hopefully he can pick up some tips tonight to woo the firm.

Tomorrow, Jeff's bank location is closing. I will miss being able to ask him to bring home groceries after work since his branch was inside of the store. I will NOT miss the working until 6:30 on Saturday Evenings and til 7:30 every other day. It will be bitter-sweet, but Jeff is excited to go to a new place and work with some old friends.

Tomorrow night, we have our last social of the week with Deloitte. This one should be really fun since there might be people that know my dad. Jeff was able to meet one of the senior partners at Deloitte a few weeks ago and we hope we can bump into him again to get even more interviewing tips for his interview on Friday.

This weekend will hopefully be empty. With NO working for either of us (at least that is my goal). Here's to a great week.... and Happy Wednesday!!!

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  1. love when you update the blog! Sad we don't see you guys too much anymore but life happens and things get crazy! Glad to read about what you guys are up to though =) I feel like we really need to catch up!